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At Smokin’ Tin Roof, a dynamic husband-and-wife team passionately crafts gourmet spicy sauces, blending intense flavors with a precise touch of ghost peppers. Our creations strike a fine balance, harmonizing the ideal blend of heat, sweetness, and savory notes. Each sauce is a testament to our dedication to delivering exceptional taste experiences.


At the genesis of our company, cultivating the world’s 3rd hottest peppers became our labor of love. Our journey begins in early spring, nurturing ghost pepper seeds until they flourish into spicy pods by late fall. The dedication to this meticulous process defines our commitment to quality and passion for crafting exceptional spicy flavors.

Attention To detail

Our process involves meticulous hand fire-roasting of peppers (as an example), precise measurement of spices, and strict adherence to industry food safety standards. These crucial steps define our commitment to crafting exceptional sauces for your culinary delight.            


Are spicy sauces a universal fit for every dish? Absolutely! Whether it’s the classic nachos and wings or the surprising addition to sandwich spreads or even as an unexpected topping for ice cream, our distinct approach to heat will have you reaching for our sauce to add that extra flair to all your meals.

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