Smokin’ Tin Roof is the passion of a husband and wife duo creating delicious gourmet spicy sauces with intense flavors, using just the right amount of ghost peppers to bring together the perfect complement of heat, sweet, and savory. 


Growing the 3rd hottest peppers in the world is a labor of love.  We start our ghost peppers from seed in early spring and tend to them all summer until the spicy pods can be harvested in late fall.                                  

Attention To detail

Fire roasting peppers by hand, carefully weighing out just the right amount of spices and maintaining industry standards for food safety are all important when creating our amazing sauces for you.             


Does spicy sauce go on everything?  Well why not?  From standard fare like nachos and wings, to amazing sandwich spreads and even as a topper for ice cream, our unique take on heat will have you putting that stuff on everything. 

Featured Spicy Sauce!